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Now accepting artwork submissions!

I am exploring licensing fantasy and roleplaying artwork from neurodiverse artists to be made into fabric and then handbags/tote bags/dicebags/etc. for my shop.

What I'm looking for:

  1. Artist MUST be neurodiverse (autistic, ADHD, etc.)

  2. Art needs to be electronic media (i.e. able to be sent to me via email/fileshare). Unfortunately I can't accept pictures of paper art as it won't be able to be printed onto fabric.

  3. Art must be created 100% by the artist (or legal guardian) submitting the work.

  4. Ideally images will be a minimum of 150 ppi. I prefer a file size minimum of 2000x2000 pixels but will consider smaller sizes if the ppi is 150+.

  5. NO copyrighted images or themes (i.e. no World of Warcraft, no D&D-specific, no Harry Potter, no Pokemon [unless created 100% by you], etc.)

  6. Dice are a-ok as no one (to my knowledge) has copyrighted any size of die.

  7. Some ideas of what I'm looking for:

  8. Dragons

  9. Dice, especially gaming dice

  10. Roleplay characters (i.e. bard, druid, rogue, etc.)

  11. Cats

  12. Unicorns or other fantasy creatures

  13. Comic book type characters (superheroes, etc., - again nothing copyrighted)

  14. Magic potions, magical herbs, etc.

  15. Cool stuff that would appeal to gamers, cosplayers, etc.

  16. I will also consider artwork that would translate well to fabric

  17. florals

  18. watercolors

  19. abstracts

What I can offer:

  1. I'm a teeny tiny business - I might make $500 this year, for real, I'm tiny.

  2. I can pay $10 to license an image, plus 5% of all sales of any item I make using your image.

  3. I will always credit each artist whenever posting an image of their artwork online. Happy to link to artist websites/DeviantArt/etc. on my social media.

  4. 50% discount if you'd like to buy an item that I made using your image(s) (I would not pay the 5% sales commission in this case).

If you're interested in talking further or submitting an artwork, please email me!

I would prefer to keep any and all conversations about these transactions to email, so that there is a paper trail of everything, to protect you AND me.

If I accept a submission, I require the artist sign a licensing agreement, again to protect you AND me. Above all else, I want to respect and protect every artist's rights to their own work!

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