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New Dragon Fabric!

I've got two kinds of dragon fabric now available in multiple sizes!

First is my bearded dragons cosplaying as wizards - my bearded dragon's name is Spike and he (doesn't) enjoy dressing up!

He's not really dressed up, it's just graphic design magic!

Then I have a gorgeous 3d rendered dragon in a gothic pillared structure. I loved this panel so much and I can see it in a variety of bagmaking projects, like a Zippy Clutch for a small panel or an Everyday Tote or Charlotte by Swoon for the large one, so I've got 3 different sizes of panels available.

Approx. 20" wide x14" tall:

Approx. 14" wide x8" tall:

and finally approx. 8" wide by 5" tall:

I can't wait to get my first Spoonflower shipment of these so I can make all the things!

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