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Fun Vinyl and Cork Phone Slings

I'm having a lot of fun with this pattern - it's the Slim Sling by Linds Homemade.

This is a beginner-friendly domestic-friendly pattern, assuming your machine can handle light vinyl or cork. I have a Brother Strong & Tough and it handles these materials fine, although I used my Juki 1541S to sew these two slings.

For the rose cork (from Sallie Tomato), I used a light red cotton lining. For the Simply Jupiter vinyl (from mypunkbroidery), I used a navy blue waterproof canvas lining. I also used D rings because I've had trouble finding the anchors that she recommends in the pattern. I think they're actually called "strap clips" - I see some at Emmaline Bags that might be the right ones.

The first time I tried this pattern earlier this year, I used a cork that was way too light. The resulting sling was too flimsy in my opinion. So I think this pattern needs at least a medium weight cork or vinyl.

My next step is to try it with real leather. It'll be my first leather sew.

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