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Cute Sling Bag with Celestial Fabric

I am going to try the Kandou Crafts Retro Sling next because it seems to use fewer pieces and might be an easier sew than the Speedwell. I wanted to try some different color combinations with this adorable celestial fabric I designed with suns and moons drawn by the fantastic Fortuna Draws.

I've got the acrylic templates to make The Speedwell Sling bag by Blue Calla.

I also had some burgundy-purply ribbed cotton that I scored a huge roll of from a craft consignment store for peanuts.

So it sounded like a great match! I think it turned out super cute.

The ribbed fabric coordinates so well with thr celestial fabric, and I love the rainbow metallic hardware with it too (from Amazon).

The only thing I struggle with in this pattern is the binding. It's just not something I have enough experience with. But you gotta practice to get good at something!

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